REFERENDUM ON THE NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN 16th SEPTEMBER 2021 – 7am – 10pm Hilton Village Hall.



Formal notification of Referendum by South Derbyshire District Council

Read the full Neighbourhood Development Plan document – copy for public approval

The referendum question is :

‘Do you want South Derbyshire District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Hilton, Marston-on-Dove and Hoon to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?’

Yes means that the Plan is accepted and that it will “…form part of the statutory ‘development plan’ which is used by the local planning authority (SDDC) in deciding planning applications

No means that the Plan, in its entirety, is rejected, and the current situation prevails with only SDDC’s Plan informing planning decisions.


Vision for the Future

As our village and neighbourhood develops, that development will be shaped by us, its residents. We will ensure that infrastructure, services and amenities are driven by the needs of this community, not by commercial or political imperatives.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan will ensure that Hilton and its environs retain their semi-rural identity and remain a safe and sustainable village in which people in every stage and from every walk of life can enjoy living.

A place we are proud to call our home.

Programme and Consultation Process 

Detailed narrative of consultation process HERE

Supporting Documentation and evidence:

Public Consultations (Links)

  1. 1st Public Survey document- June 2018
  2. 1st Public Survey results – July 2018
  3. Display of 1st Survey results in Village Hall, to support 2nd Survey Feb 2019
  4. 2nd Public Survey document – “The Next Step” Feb 2019
  5. 2nd Public Survey results – “The Next Step” March 2019
  6. Regulation 14 Documents:
  7. Regulation 16 submissions:
  8. Referendum

Supporting Documents for Plan (Links)

  1. Parking Survey
  2. AECOM Housing Needs Analysis
  3. Local amenity comparison between villages in district
  4. Requirement for Care Home Analysis
  5. Housing Policy Evidence Paper
  6. Traffic Survey
  7. Bungalows built in village 2000-2019
  8. Noise Assessment of Lucas Lane proposed development site

Planning Documents (Links)

  1. Master Programme
  2. Detailed plan for 1st Consultation
  3. Step Chart

Independent Examination

  1. Procedural Matters and Questions 10 February 2021
  2. Parish Council response to Independent Examiners Questions 22 February 2021