The Hilton Neighbourhood Plan Project is launched: What next?


The Neighbourhood Plan is not just about Housing and Traffic!

As planned the Launch meeting took place at the Hilton Primary School on 24th January 2018 A brief presentation was given about the project and information on how people could get involved.

The overall plan for the Project can be found on the Master Programme tab of the menu above.

Next Steps…

We now proceed into the Questionnaire phase which is the process of gathering data from all residents and businesses in the area (Hilton, Marston and Hoon), that will help inform the policies in the Plan.

In addition to the Steering group we now have a number of working groups:

  • Questionnaire / Analysis –  looking at the various methods of asking questions ( on-line, off-line, drop-in sessions etc), how to ask questions, communicating with people, and then, subsequently, the analysis of the responses. Fortunately we had a few people come forwards who had previous experience in this field.


  • Themed Working groups:
    • Business, Farms and Shops
    • Housing
    • Transport and Travel
    • Leisure and Amenities
    • Environment
    • Schools

Additional volunteers from the Launch Meeting are now part of all of the working groups.

We are now working on the detailed planning for this phase with a view to the questionnaires being issued and returned during May 2018.

If you have a particular expertise in any of these fields and you think you could contribute then please contact us at :

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