Lively meeting seeking solutions for Traffic issues on Main Street

Building on the Traffic Survey work undertaken as part of the Neighbourhood Development Plan, Julie Patten, Councillor ( Derbyshire County Council / South Derbyshire District Council) organised a meeting primarily focussed on the traffic issues on Main Street.  Around 50 people squeezed into the Village Hall room, shared experiences, and offered a variety of solutions. It closed after just under 2 hours but could have been much longer!

Richard Handbury from the County Council’s Highways department joined the meeting to hear first-hand the problems that residents were experiencing,  to answer questions, and comment on potential solutions.

Charles Cuddington from the Neighbourhood Development Plan team gave an overview presentation of the results from the Traffic Survey.  One of the main findings was that 3 times as much traffic goes through the village via Main Street, than round The Mease. The use of speed detectors gave us some substantial data on levels of speeding along Main Street, Derby Road, and The Mease, and bluetooth detectors gave an indication of relative journey times. Some of this data will be especially useful when addressing future planning applications.

Copy of Pack as presented by Charles
Copy of Notes supporting presentation.

The attendees added additional experiences around:

  • Inconsiderate parking – including using people’s private drives
  • Driving on the pavements to get round parked lorries
  • The ineffectiveness of the speed bumps.
  • Noisy lorry traffic in the very early mornings, and late at night.
  • Poor signage
  • Poor enforcement.

Although there seems to be a lot of legislation, and bureaucracy, which can undermine good ideas, the meeting identified a number of options which gained support from the residents, and which seemed to have merit from Richard’s perspective. Only more detailed planning would determine if they could, in fact, be implemented.

The challenge is to identify which permutation could both solve the problem and be implemented, practically.

  • Chicanes – issue around placement, and access to houses
  • Island at bottom of Sutton Lane – substantial structure, not a painted “bump”
  • Flashing signs – resident funded, possibly, as may not pass the Council threshold due to collision statistics
  • 20 MPH – speed limit – subject of Cabinet report
  • Weight restriction signs – more visible / bottom Sutton Lane ( gap in the area signage)
  • Stop buses going down Main Street – go round Mease
  • Blanking off the Hatton end of Uttoxeter Road – unanimous support from meeting
  • Review parking conditions of Planning Application of nursery ( Bunny Hops)
  • Bollards along a limited section of Main Street to stop people mounting the pavement.
  • Another pedestrian crossing on Main Street – near Old Talbot
  • Convert current crossing to either a pelican or puffin.

Enforcement is a key part of the solution and the audience were encouraged to report any problems to the Police as well as being active in the periodic Neighborhood Forums attended by the Police.

Next Steps

The 3rd hump, which has been in planning, for about 18 months, is being presented at the Cabinet Meeting, on 20th December 2018.  As the general view of the residents was that this would have little impact, Julie will be explaining to the Cabinet that more measures will be needed based on the output from this meeting.

A follow-up meeting will be arranged in the New Year to discuss progress.

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