Programme and Consultation Process

The decision to launch a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group was agreed by the Parish Council in a public meeting – July 2017.

The Steering Group was constituted as a Parish Council Committee in October 2017.

Launch meeting was targetted for January 2018. To make this as effective as possible a seprarate Communications Working Group was established:

  • More appealing name identified – “Your Village, Your Voice”
  • Picture created to represent the “brand”
  • Website created / Facebook page
  • Stakeholder analysis completed
  • Project split into working groups – Housing, Transport, Environment, Leisure, Education, Business
  • Strategy formulated with articles in local magazine / leaflets in key locations / Facebook to encourage as much participation as possible.


There were about 50 attendees at the Launch meeting. A number of people gave their names as volunteers to join the Working Groups.

Working Groups were established to develop contacts, investigate the subject are and identify issues for the village.

Planning started in April 2018 for the 1st Consultation in June/July 2018:

  • Questions for survey offered up by Working Groups
  • Questionnaire/Communications WG established
  • Survey Monkey was identified for both on-line / off-line completion
  • Different channels identified to ensure maximum reach, and return of survey
    • Paper copy delivered to every house
    • On-line link through website
    • Publicity through local magazine, leaflets, School e-mail, Facebook, external posters
    • Return of questionnaires facilitated through drop-boxes in key locations throughout the village.
    • Facebook advertising increased reached, and constant highlighting.
  • +++900 surveys returned

Working groups analysed detailed results.

WIP – being updated